Here is Our Team of Experts to Help You With Your Taxes!

Jimmy began 808 Tax by himself in the back of a small mom-and-pop deli helping clients one by one.  Over the years he has helped many people and decided to expand his operation into a fully fledged business.  After continuously expanding over 25 years and moving into a new office at 1311 Kapiolani Blvd #402, the office family has grown and continued to grow into what it is today.
Bernice is one of our leading preparers. Since she started with Jimmy back in June of 2013, she has helped an immense amount of clients and continues to help more. She not only is a tax associate with Jimmy but also a tax associate trainer: teaching her co-workers how to prepare and finalize our clients taxes.
Knowledgeable in book keeping and accounting, she is the one we go to when our clients for the year have been finalized and ready to go. Noting down every payment whether its cash, card, or even check its always managed into our system. During her off time she visits her grandchildren and daughter in New York.
She is our operations manager in training and is willing to take care of whatever she is able to. She greets people as they come in, inputs our clients information into the computer, manages the files once they're completed, handles some phone calls, and manages any clients that may have questions. Planning on attending college and getting a Bachelors in Accounting or Business Management.

Another of our valued tax preparer and data entry staff who will assist in your completed process.

Tax preparer and data input expert who facilitates the completion of the 808Tax continuing process.