Consent Form and Tax Document Submission

Sending Consent Form & Documents

Please Follow These 5 Steps to Submit Documents:

1. Read Consent Form
2. Click Link to Download Consent Form
3. Fill Out and Sign Consnet Form
4. Click Link to Install CamScan App
5. Us App to Scan and Share Consent Form and Tax Documents

Please Read Clearly Authorization Form Below then Click Download
LINK Fill Out Form then follow Directions

Consent to Use Of Tax Return Information
Jimmy’s 808 Tax (“we”, “us”, and “our”)

By Federal law we are required to provide this consent form to you (“you” refers to each taxpayer). Unless authorized with your signature, we are prohibited to use the tax return information given for the purpose of preparing and filing the tax returns.

If consent is given by signature upon this form we will prepare and file your tax returns for the amount of time that is specified by you. If there is no time specificed your consent will be validated for one year from the date of signature.

For your convenience, we also have arrangements with specific companies to offeer Electronic Refund Disbursement Services and/or Loan products. If you would like more information upon these companies, make sure to speak to your tax consultant. Fill name of


Tax payer Signature:______________________Date:___________

Printed Name of Joint Taxpayer:___________________________

Printed Taxpayer Signature:___________________Date:_______

By signingn above you authorize us to use information you provide to us during the preparation of your 2017 tax return to determine whether to offer you an opportunity to apply for the Electronic Refund Disbursement Service and/or loan products.

If you believe that your tax return information has been disclosed or used improperly in a manner unauthorized by law or without your permission, you may contact the Treasury Inspector General for Tax administration(TIGTA) by telephone at 1-800-366-4484, or by email at